Photo of the Day

So I kid you not, I am in love with Sunflowers. I think they are so beautiful. Every year I try to plant them and grow but the Texas heat just kills them. I have to water them about twice a day and hope the place I live doesn’t spray bug/weed killer. That is how I lost my flowers this year, which was super lame.

Anyways, this beautiful Sunflower came from a photo shoot I did at my aunts in Oregon. She loves flowers and Sunflowers just as much as I do. So she always has a bunch growing. One day while I was walking around at about sunset I came upon this guy growing tall in front of the sweet peas. I feel in love with the way the sunlight was bouncing off the back that I had to take a photo. It came out a lot better then I thought it.

Like this photo? You can click on it and it will lead you to my online shop where you can but this print in a 5×7 or 8×10.


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