Photos of The Day

When I am home, in the great state of Texas, I don’t get the take a lot of photos but when I am traveling I have all the time in the world. So, some of my best photos are from when I am traveling. This photo I took while I was in Oregon at my grandpa’s. He has a ton of old cars and trucks on his property. I figured why not take some photos of the old trucks and see what happens.

I had no idea that I would get such awesome looking photos. The one on top is the back of the truck. I love all the different shades of colors along with the rust showing up. It shows the oldness of it and the fact that it hasn’t been used in forever.

The photo on the bottom is of the front driver side door. Again, I love all the different shades of colors. You can see parts of the paint peeling off and the window is broken. I also love that the front tire is missing. I am pretty sure my grandpa took it off to use on another truck.



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