Gay Pride 2012

Okay, so I know that the idea of being gay to some people is crazy but I do support human rights and I believe that everyone should get the chance to love who ever they want to love. I my self am bisexual. I have dated girls and guys. I was at one point with the same guy for four years but I had a girlfriend before him. Some of my best friends are gay as well.

So, every year, I march in the Dallas Freedom Parade with my youth group from church. I love that the teens I work with are so supporting and loving in a cause that is dear to so many people. Pretty much all the teens in the group are straight, and this to me shows are open minded and loving they are. Every year, we have a blast. And every year we have a ton of stories that we can look back on and laugh.

While this year, might have been a little bit more stressful then the others, it was still amazing. Pretty much every year before, I always got to be one of the teens but this year I had the joy of being a JA (Junior Advisor) and it was definitely different. Let’s just say that by the end of the day, I wanted to choke a few teens. Still, I love them to death, so I let them live.

Below are a few of the pictures I took this year at the parade and edited. It was raining that day, and I haven’t had a lot of experience photographing in the rain, so a lot of the photos didn’t come out how I had hoped. Still, I did get some got photos.

Liz, a good friend of mine, supporting a very beautiful painted rainbow butterfly on her eye. This was her first year and she had a blast marching with us.

Some of the teens from the group. The middle sign is always a huge hit.

One of the teens with his back painted.

One of my best friends, with a Love sign taped to her back. She also has her face painted but the hat hides it. One side was a peace sign and the other was a rainbow.

Another teen with her rainbow flag. Yay!

A photo that I took and edited of a rainbow flag.

One of the teens holding up their beads for me to photo. Getting beads is big part of marching. Every years the teens leave with 100’s of them around their necks.

Even dogs come out to support the love!

Getting ready to march. This kid made this sign. I think it is amazing!

The only one to look when I took the picture. Trying to get anyone to look at me while taking their photo is a pain, so I just give up after awhile.

I have always wanted to do a photo of two people holding hands. I got my chance this year! These two are teens from my group who have been dating now for six months. They are so cute together. I love this photo so much!

This guy went around hugging everyone he could. He would just take off running at a group of people and give them huge bear hugs. I love it so much! You can just see how happy these people are!

Liz, once again, holding up her sign and sporting a smile.

Learning how to long broad, in the rain, on a hill while going down. Smart? Not so much. Fun? A ton!


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