September 29, 2012

Picture this: A beautiful rainy Texas afternoon. The grass is a shade brighter of green. All the trees are standing tall, their leaves curled over to catch the sweet tasting rain as it falls. For once, the sun is hidden behind big fluffy gray clouds. A cool breeze passes by, making nature hum a tune and you are stuck inside doing math homework.

Needless to say, my Saturday is slightly on the lame side. Instead of getting to enjoy the nice weather by dancing in the rain or cuddling in my chair with a great book, I am stuck doing my math homework. After about an hour of none stop numbers, I asked myself, “How can I make math fun?”

At that point I happened to look to my right where I saw my kinder chocolate. (For those who don’t know Kinder chocolate is the best chocolate in the world from Germany.) That is when it hit me! For every five problems I do, I get to have a piece of chocolate.

I used my Nikon today to take this photo! The light in my bedroom  kind of sucks, so I had to do some editing to the photo. I liked the way it came out and it fuller describes my Saturday.























































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