Photo Shoot

This last Saturday, I had a photo shoot with a good friend of mine. After about an hour of walking around taking some photos, we sat down and picked out the ones she liked the most. I then sat down and with my new Adobe Photoshop Elements, I edited the photos, doing my best to keep the natural beauty of my friend.

We had a ton of fun taking these photos. I’m looking forward to getting more photo shoots and working on my portraits. Here are a few of the photos I took during our session. IMG_6387










After the photo shoot, while looking through the photos, I saw a lot of thing that I could work I little bit more on. One of them is the whole getting a photo focused. If anyone as any tips, please feel free to leave a comment. I am always more then happy to get some great pointers from other photographers. I also saw that I need to work on getting the right aperture setting so that I don’t end up with too much light or too little light.

Next weekend I have another photo shoot with one of my guy friends. So that will give me a change to try some new things, as well as working on the stuff I need to. I am also in the process of editing a bunch of photos that I took of my bosses children a few weeks ago. So far it is coming a long very well.

Last but not less, I am four weeks away from my big move to the most beautiful place in the United States. While everything seems to be moving fast, I know it is all falling into place just as it should. Hopeful after the move I can start saving up for my own DSLR camera. I would really like to start doing photography as a side business. I love taking photos and if I could capture someone’s memories on film for them, then I want to. I’ve been working hard getting my Facebook page up and running. If you are apart of Facebook  then please take a few minutes to like my page. It would be a big help. Thank you so much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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