A December Photo Shoot

Let me just start by saying: The fact that I can have a outdoor photo shoot in the middle of December is kind of sad. The temps were nice, with little wind and plenty of sunshine. Only in Texas can this happen. On a bright note, I got to take photos of the cutest children on the planet during that time.

As I have stated before, I am a nanny for three beautiful children. So I thought it would be cool to take some nice photos of them for their mom. I also thought it was good practices for me since I want to start doing this as a side job.

Photographing these children was so much fun. I let them pretty much come up with the ideas and I just went along with it. It was very hard to only pick a few to post here because each photo I took held so much emotion. Also, the idea of getting a photo of all three was crazy. They love to fight and pick on each other and I couldn’t get them to stand still long enough to take a photo.

Here are just a few photos from the shoot that I love.

IMG_5974 - Copy









Stay tuned for next weekends photo’s. I have two photo shoots lined up, both guys. Can’t wait to see what cool photos I will end up with.



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