Been working hard in Photoshop coming up with card templates to use at Warming Hearts Photography. I’ve come up with some pretty good ones for Christmas, baby births and graduation announcements. I’m going to work on some save the date announcements later this week. So far I like think that I am doing a good job and I like the stuff that I have come up with.

I don’t really have any photos of babies or Christmas themed photos but I do have a ton of photos of teenagers. So I have filled up my graduation announcements with pictures to share with you guys. Here are the four that I came up with today: Graduation Announcement Exmaple 1


Graduation Annuncement 3


Graduation Annuncement 4


Graduation Annuncement 2

I’d like to get one of each printed off so that I can place them into a portfolio book or something. I think they all look great and I love them. I plan on making about two more templates for Graduation because I think six is a good number. Other then that, I don’t have a reason for making two more. I just like six.

In other news:

I’m hoping to start getting some prints of photo’s I have already taken so that I can build a hard copy portfolio. Good or bad idea? I think it would be a good idea so that I can take it with me to sessions to help my clients with ideas for their own photos. I just think it’s a good idea.

Also, down to only three weeks before my big move to Oregon. I’m going crazy trying to get things ready and spend the needed time with friends and family. I feel like my weekends are book tight with plans. Everything from photo sessions to hanging with friends with some trips to the post office thrown in. Reason for reminding you guys about this is because for about a week or two after I move, I will most likely not be posting during that time. I’ll be busy unpacking, finding a job and getting signed up for school. But no worries, once I get settled into my new home, I will be back and posting away.

Lastly, I am almost done editing photos from my second session over the weekend. Once I am done, I will post a few of those photos up here. Today or tomorrow. Depends on how fast I work.

Well, I am off to do something photo related.

Have a wonderful day!


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