Photo of The Day

Haven’t done one of these in a really long time so I figured I should do one today. I brought my camera to work, once again, and snapped photos of the children all day. When I got home, I uploaded them as quickly as I could and started to get to work on editing. I’m starting to become a master at editing in Photoshop Elements, which is a good thing.

I’ve come to learn that I love taking photos of children but it isn’t always easy. The crazy thought of getting a child to sit still long enough to snap a photo is one not to be had. It takes a special skill that I am slowly mastering. I’m also learning how to capture pictures  of children doing children stuff like playing at the park or riding bikes. Again, a skill that I am slowly mastering.

Like always, I am doing something a little bit different with this photo of the day then the last. I am giving a step by step instruction on how I did the edit in Photoshop Elements.

Anyways, while I was photographing the children, I got some beautiful shoots. It was hard to pick just one photo.

Photo of The Day:IMG_7174

I am obsessed with this child’s freckles! And her eyes are so beautiful. Every time I take a picture of her, I feel as if her face alone tells a story. I didn’t want to take away from the natural beauty. I have listed my steps below:

  1. The very first thing I did, which I do for all my photos, is make a copy of the background layer.
  2. The first thing I did to the photo was fix the levels of the photos. I always fix the levels of the photo first before I do anything else.
  3. Next I had to retouch the brightness and contrast of the photo just a little. Once I was happy with the fixes, I flattened the layers and then made another copy of the background.
  4. Her lips were really chapped and had bleed earlier in the day. So to fix this, I used the dropper to pick a color that was close to the chapped part of her lips. Once I had the color picked, I clicked on the paint brush. I moved the opacity down to about 34% and then painted over the chapped parts of her lips. Once I was happy with that, I then flattened the layers once more and then made another copy of the background.
  5. Since we were outside at the park, she had been running around. She had some red spots on her face from the heat. So I took the dropper once again, pick a good sample of skin color and painted over the red spots with opacity at 24%. Then, I took the healing brush and ran it over on a few spots around the paint to give it a good blend. Once again flatten layer and make a copy of the background layer.
  6. I mentioned earlier in the post that I love her eyes. I wanted to make them pop just a little bit more then there already were. So I used the burn tool to darken just the outside of the color to her eyes. And for the last time, flatten layer and make a copy.
  7. Now, the last step I took to this photo was add a effect I had bought from . It’s called Cream Overtone. What this effect did was add a creamy texture to the photo. I feel that this effect gave a very smooth and clean feeling to the photo, bringing all the elements I did to it together.

And that is that. Save and print!


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