Just another Photo Session

So in my last post about my weekend photo sessions, I said I would post a few photos from my second session once I had them edited. Well guess what guys? I got them edited and am now ready to share them.

My second session of the weekend, didn’t last as long due to the huge drop in temperature but I did get some great shots of the woman. She was a super sweet woman with a cute little dog. I felt bad because the session didn’t last as long as my other ones did and the light wasn’t super good as well. There was a storm coming in, so the sky was full of ugly gray clouds that took away a lot of light.

On a plus side, it has taught me that I need to learn the right settings for different lighting. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that every session teaches you something new.



I think this is the cutest photo I took that day. Her little dog perked his ears up at just the right time. Plus, the dog is looking right at me. I also noticed that the face of the woman, is kind of burly. When I first edited this photo, I didn’t notice the burliness of it. I now I have already stated it but I really did learn that I need to understand all the settings and what levels work best for low light.

IMG_7405 copy

This photo needed a lot of level fixes because the SOOC (straight out of camera) was really dark. But I was able to save the photo and I think it looks amazing.

IMG_7411 copy 2

I feel that every one needs a nice looking black and white photo, so I always try to get one for everyone.

IMG_7406 copy








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