Hey Guys!

Sorry, no photos for today because this is the first time I have been able to get online. This is just a post to let you guys know I am still alive and well.

My move to Oregon is going well so far. I just got a car over the weekend, which means I get to drive around now. I just have to get new tags and all that fun stuff. I was hoping to get that done today today maybe. I don’t know, might get my dad to help me. I’m new to this whole owning a car.

Almost have all my stuff unpacked.

And hopefully, once my car is all taken care of, I will get started up in school! YAY.

Anyways, look forward to getting photos later this week or next week. I’m going to take my camera out and see what cool things I can photographer.


One thought on “Hey Guys!

  1. I’m SO happy for you Bethany. Congratulations on getting your new car. AND I can hardly wait to see photos of your new surroundings/home.

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