What is Warming Hearts Photography?


Well, its really quite simple. Warming hearts photography is a one person show doing what I love– PHOTOGRAPHY. 

I am a natural light photographer specializing in on-location photo sessions that deal with all the below:

  • family
  • senior
  • children photos 
  • and couples 
  • and baby & belly

I take the time to capture your memories in a professional way while still having fun. There is no reason that capturing your family memories should be hard and boring.  Each photo that you hang up on your wall should be filled with light, love, and sweet memories and that is where I come in at.

I deal with natural light, which means there is little equipment required. I am also an on-site photographer. When we set up a session, you get to pick the location that you feel most comfortable rather be your home, a park or some place dear and near to your heart.

My job is to make the art of photographing your memories simple and easy. Warming people’s hearts one photo at a time.


Questions, Comments or Concerns? Leave a note.

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