Meet The Photographer

Me Standing on Lava Rock

This is me. Hello, everyone! 


I’m Bethany, the photographer.I love photography and

I love photography and editing. Each photo I take holds a small piece of my soul. I put everything I have into each one of my photos and I am alway looking for the next great thing to capture on film.

I own a Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1MP with a 15x Optical Zoom, which is what I use to take a lot of my fun photos. I also own a Canon EOS Rebel which is what I use to do all my photo sessions. I am also guilty of using Instagram. I can’t help it, the app is just so much fun and super great for on the go pictures. I don’t really believe that great pictures come from expensive cameras, but that great pictures come from passion.

As far as my editing goes, I use Photoshop Elements. Most of my editing is simple: crop, fix levels, and work on brightness/contrast. I also have photo filters for an extra touch. I love having fun with my photos, but I also like keep to the original beauty.




4 thoughts on “Meet The Photographer

  1. I LOVED WORKING WITH BETHANY!!! she’s an awesome photographer and she lets u do what u want to do 🙂 also my photos r just perfect of me 😉 ❤

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